Living with Depression

Today, I was speaking to my sister. We were talking about how she hasn’t visited me yet in my first house I’ve lived in by myself with Marlon of course. Trying to plan a date for her to come up to Connecticut, of course getting into the conversation of how we have always been very optimistic people and want every single thing life ever has to offer. Which normally comes into conversation when we speak of traveling. We than got off topic and she sent me a link to this Buzzfeed Health Post. Which I absolutely obsessed over! It was such a good read and pin pointed every single thing about myself and even my own sister. Which doesn’t say much cause were basically twins. I am going to attach the link here, so you guys can give it a read! I loved it! Living with depression is never easy. Its especially not easy when you have so much you aspire to do and feel pushed back always when you aren’t lacking anything and somehow your mind just gets into the way of things. Anyways, Let me know what you guys think. Its one of my favorite post’s at the moment! Click the Buzzfeed Health Post words to read the post! I will be commenting on this with a new post going more in depth about why this affects me at a later time! Happy Reading! xoxo

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