Dog Owners

This is a more sad entry for the blog. This week came with many disappointments. For one was The Local Dog Park, the one I go to is down the street basically from my house. You go on a trail and its in the middle and many of the people near us go all the time. Its more like a nice meet and greet place for dog lovers to let their dogs run free and have so much fun! I normally have to go once a week because as you know my dog Juno, is a German Shepherd. She has one year old and has so much energy. So this is perfect for her. Until this week.. I decided to meet a friend there and we had the dogs playing until a person I’d never seen before came in with his dog. Who yes, was a pit-bull but this isn’t a story of bashing a breed as I LOVE all dogs. He comes through the gate and than attacks my dog Juno. As I run over he wouldn’t let go of her neck trying to actually attempt too kill her. Not letting go my instinct as Juno is basically my baby. I go in as any dumb human does and try too help her escape from his teeth. A friend came up behind me trying too as well get the dog off. Much more comes too this story that is sad and breaks my heart… The dogs owner watched as I scream for him too obtain his dog. Watching and doing nothing while his dog grabs my hand puncturing fingers and blood going everywhere I FINALLY got this dog off of Juno. He than runs after I get his dog off and runs. He didn’t ask if I was okay while I was bleeding everywhere. Not telling any of us dog owners who were freaking out even while I was bleeding if his dog had any shots. Its safe to say he didn’t care. He fled. Bandages and many shots in my arm later. I was fine. Juno had swelling on her neck and wasn’t happy yet very scared. Didn’t even defend herself. This broke my heart, as a owner and puppy parent. My everyday companion is normally Juno. She always takes place when my husband is constantly gone for work. She is my everyday life and mainly one of the reasons I get up. So I was very shook of course. Now a few days later I am finally able too write about it. So this entry is showing how shitty and terrible some dog owners can be. He should’ve never left, nor taken his aggressive and highly anxious dog too a park filled with triggers for any anxious dog. I again note, PLEASE do take a moment to KNOW your dog and what he or she is comfortable with!

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