A month of progress

It has been 35 days since gave up Soda! I have been strictly on a water and green tea only life style. I can’t explain how hard the first 3 weeks were. I am now finally okay being around soda and other people drinking it. I had at least 4 liters every two days. It was disgusting with how much soda intake a day I had. I am so happy I am done with it. I finally kicked that bad habit. I ended up going the cold turkey route. Which I found to be the only way I could do it myself. It came with many headaches and bad migraines. Now finally its coming with weight loss. I had to make myself replace it with water and green tea. After the first week I had started to feel so dehydrated. My body was craving it and more! I began to drink even more water and double the amount of green tea. I am doing so much better health wise as well now! Feeling generally better! Less Anxiety as well! Which is a big deal for me. If anybody has more questions or anything you guys might wanna know, let me know!

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